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Bravo, My Class丨The Speech Contest of the First Part of the Grade One in Junior High School
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The students came to the reporting room on the north first floor after having the physical-health class in the sun on the north playground. They sat in the room in order and also quietly, waiting for the start of the contest. This contest was held by the class 7, grade one. The colorful board, beautiful PowerPoint, the experienced host made a good preparation for the competition.

The first part included the speeches from grade one: the orderly speech from class 24, the novel speech from class 7, the moving speech from class 4, the shocking speech from class 5, the magnificent speech from class 6, the unique speech from class 1, the touching speech from class 2. The well preparation and the cooperation spirit of the students left a deep impression on people.

On this special day, the 100th day of entering school, the students’ speeches almost involved all the aspects of the growing in these days. From the immature students in primary school to the perfect middle school students, students already had many different experiences: the 2-week education of the defense of our country, the sitting in quiet, weekly class meeting. Now the students can make dormitories clean, arrange their self-study reasonably, cooperate in groups, respect the teachers, accumulate the difficult questions…

The second part of it was the experience-sharing from the good student Wang Yumeng and good group leaders. The arrangement of time, the focus during the class, the review after class, the corrections after the exam, the beautiful handwriting, the help between students and the love for every teacher was referred to in their speeches, which all the students agree to.


The third part was giving the gift from director Yue Liyuan on their 100th—the training of the team spirit. Director Yue started the training by telling the story of the biggest ants group in the world and also the team of Liu Bang in history. As for the students nowadays, they have many different ways of cooperation: in groups, dormitories and classes. The team work can encourage people to move forward and make better self.


The fourth part  was to give the award to the good speeches by Director and teacher Wang Yanhong.

The good speeches were: class 6, class 7, class 2. The well-organized classes were: class 5, class 4, class 3, class 2, and class 1.

At the end of it, Director Wang Yanhong said: Bravo, my class, my students. Your speeches were so good that left a deep impression on me. This speech not only improved the ability of your speaking, but  also was a kind of education for you. The country will be strong when the youth are strong, the class will be good when students are good. By this contest, the director hoped that it can let class become more united, invoking the passion for study and make a solid foundation for the exam at the end of the term.

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