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On line meeting of all teachers in senior one
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In order to further optimize online teaching, improve classroom efficiency and better serve teaching, all teachers held an online meeting at 8:00 p.m. on March 4, senior one, summarizing the work experience of the previous stage in time, and arranging and deploying the education and teaching work of the next stage.

The meeting first affirmed the teachers' efforts and achievements since online teaching. The teachers are full of innovative spirit, have made great efforts in online teaching, are diligent in studying the use methods of teaching software, are skilled in innovative teaching methods, and ensure the smooth and effective online teaching work in the early stage.

However, it also reflects some problems, such as the poor interaction of online teaching, the weak sense of the scene, the weak teaching atmosphere, and the untimely teaching feedback.

In response to these problems, the teachers made suggestions at the meeting and put forward the improvement measures for online teaching in the next stage:

Teachers strive to improve the accuracy of online courses. Further proficient in the use of live broadcast software, learn to use various ways to interact and communicate with students and parents; make greater efforts in preparing lessons, strive to make the teaching content of each lesson more precise, more targeted, so that knowledge and interest fly together, develop and innovate together.

Arrange the rhythm of a lesson scientifically. The arrangement of preview time of each discipline is more specific and scientific, and the teaching content and progress are reasonably arranged, leaving enough time for students to preview, listen to lectures, work, interact, feedback, test and consolidate.

Strive to develop interactive feedback channels. The preview content shall be given to students in advance. The live broadcast shall not copy the classroom teaching mode, and the arrangement of content shall be precise and less, so the explanation is of vital importance. In class, video interaction, roll call and Q & A are actively used, and wechat, QQ, pin telephone, pin video conference and other in-depth communication are used after class. After class practice is accurate, does not increase the burden of students, convenient for error correction, convenient for timely feedback.

We should take multiple measures to arouse the enthusiasm of students. Encourage students to participate in the live broadcast, and communicate with students about the live broadcast content and lecture methods before the live broadcast. In the classroom, students' enthusiasm for learning is aroused through oral praise and excellent homework presentation.

Although the epidemic has disrupted the teaching plan and brought many difficulties to our study and work, the teachers' team of our school has the spirit of sunshine, striving forward, giving full play to the spirit of practical work, actively responding to problems, carrying out online teaching in an orderly manner, and fully demonstrating the team's sense of responsibility and execution.

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